We carry a variety of drinkers, feeders and accessories in the shop and have access to a large range of different products that can be ordered in.
We always hold calf rearer in stock, and in partnership with our suppliers are able to offer a range of beef & dairy feeds to meet your needs. We supply local customers with products such as Extra Energy Buckets, Dairy Nuts and Beef Nuts in bulk bags. Please contact us for more details.
Even though goats will eat more or less anything it is important to feed them a well balanced diet which is catered for in the stock we keep including:

Coarse Mix
Ewe Replacement Milk Powder
Molassed And Non Molassed Goat Feed
Mineral Licks
Hay And Straw

Organic feed is also available.

Keeping your horses in tip-top condition can require a range of different products at different times of the year. We hold a variety of supplements and can order in specific products that you may need for your horse. Products include:

Dodson & Horrell
Carr & Day & Martin

Please contact us for further details.

We know that all your pets need a variety of different products to keep them clean, healthy and warm.

We can provide our own hay, local straw and shavings either in small bags or bales depending on your needs, as well as the leading brands of bedding products.

For your Chickens Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese, our poultry feeds are a large part of our business and particularly popular are the locally grown and manufactured pellets and mash. With the current interest in poultry keeping we have expanded our range or feeds to include:

Layers Pellets and Mash (Various Suppliers)
Mixed Corn, Wheat, Maize
Organic Feeds
Tonics and Supplements
Hay, Straw and Shavings For Bedding
Mixed Grit and Oyster Shell
Feeders and Drinkers
And others

We can also supply feed for Quail and Ostriches.

For good poultry health we also supply red mite powder, drinking water additives, grit, oyster shell and various medications.

Whether you keep a pet Kunekune or a sty full of fattens we can supply appropriately.

Our product range includes:

Sow nuts
Growers pellets
Breeder nuts
Pot-bellied and Kunekune feed
Bedding straw

Even the healthiest poultry still require a bit of a helping hand sometimes. We have a large range of products to supplement their diet as well as disinfectants to keep their housing mite-free. Products lines include:

Net tex

Many of our staff also keep a range of poultry and are happy to assist with advice should you need it.

Whether you keep a sheep as a pet, or have a large flock we can supply all your needs from the stock we keep including:

Sheep Nuts
Coarse Mix
Lamb Creep Pellets
Ewe Replacement Milk Powder
Mineral Licks
Hay And Straw