Eldridges Pet Feeds

We know that some cats can be fussy feeders so we have a choice of food to suit even the most particular of feline palates.

We are stockists for:


We have a large selection of wet and dry foods; as well as litters and litter trays. Other products are available to order.

Our dog-owning customers return again and again to buy our quality products at an excellent price.

We stock a wide range of dog foods, such as Chudleys, Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved, Pedigree Petfoods, Arkwrights, Dr.John, as well as our own brand foods. We also stock knuckle bones, pigs ears, pigs trotters and other natural chews as well as health supplements.

We have also recently added Akela dog food to our range.

We stock a range of feed to keep these little chaps happy and healthy including:

Burgess Excel
Gerty Guinea
Country Value Range

Along with hay, straw and shavings in bags or bales.

We stock a variety of complete and balanced raw meals for cats & dogs.

The natures:menu range includes minced meats, complete nuggets and freeflow minces.

For your Chickens Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese, our poultry feeds are a large part of our business and particularly popular are the locally grown and manufactured pellets and mash. With the current interest in poultry keeping we have expanded our range or feeds to include:

Layers Pellets and Mash (Various Suppliers)
Mixed Corn, Wheat, Maize
Organic Feeds
Tonics and Supplements
Hay, Straw and Shavings For Bedding
Mixed Grit and Oyster Shell
Feeders and Drinkers
And others

We can also supply feed for Quail and Ostriches.

For good poultry health we also supply red mite powder, drinking water additives, grit, oyster shell and various medications.

Glossy coats and bright eyes are the signs of good nourishment. Let us help you provide a good diet for your pet.

A large proportion of our customers prefer Dodson and Horrell Rabbit Royale but we are also able to supply you with other varieties along with hay and bedding.

Our range includes:

Dodson and Horrel Rabbit Royale
Wrenns de- Luxe
Excel Products – nuggets and herbage

We know that all your pets need a variety of different products to keep them clean, healthy and warm.

We can provide our own hay, local straw and shavings either in small bags or bales depending on your needs, as well as the leading brands of bedding products.